Woo Audio Electrostatic

Woo Audio Electrostatic
Price $4990

* Normal build time is 1 to 2 weeks.

* Included tubes:
    1 quad of EL34 (power), 1 quad of 6SL7 (driver),
    2 5AR4 (rectifiers), 2 12AU7 (phase splittor)

* PSU to AMP power supply cord is included.

* AC power supply cord, interconnection cable are not included

* Shopping cart applies to the U.S. buyers only. International buyers please contact for shipping cost and payment instruction

Owner's Manual(PDF) pdf-icon

    Technical Specifications:
  • Fully balanced topology
  • 1300 volts peak-peak voltage swing
  • Stax PRO bias 580V
  • Sennheiser HE90 bia 500V
  • * Dual power switch
  • Standard chassis size
  • Removalbe glass panel
  • External dimension:
           PSU: 4.5”(H), 16.5”(W), 12”(D)
          AMP: 7.5”(H), 16.5”(W), 12”(D) (with tube guard)
  • Weight (AMP + PSU): 40 pounds or 18.2 kg

* From a cold start, the dual power switch protects the tubes from a high current surge. Turning on just one of the power switches provides low voltage to the heaters while the unit remains in stand-by mode. Turning on both power switches allows the unit to function properly.

    Standard Features:
  • Point-to-Point Wiring
  • Four EL34 power tubes
  • Four 6SL7 [PDF] drive tubes
  • Two 5AR4 [PDF] rectifier tube. Direct substitute: 5U4GB
  • Two 12AU7 [PDF] phase splittor (back of the AMP unit) - unbalanced input to balanced input conversion
  • Two selectable balanced inputs
  • One selectable unbalanced input
  • Two 5-pin pro bias output
  • Smooth balanced volume control
  • Auricap capacitors for inter-stage and output coupling
  • Telfon tube sockets

Parts upgrade 1:
V-Cap inter-stage coupling caps

V-Cap Teflon Film Tin Foil reference grade audio capacitors

  • V-Cap TFTF 0.22uF/300V (12 pcs)

Parts upgrade 2:
V-Cap output coupling capacitors

V-Cap Oil Impregnated Metallized Polypropylene reference grade audio capacitors

  • V-Cap OIMP 2uF/600V (4 pcs)

Power tubes upgrade:
Psvane EL34PH matched quad.
We source the top quality tubes from the manufacturer directly. The tubes would be tested by us in an actual amplifier to meet the highest quality.
$480 with 12-month warranty from Woo Audio.

Driver tubes upgrade:
Sophia 6SL7 grade A matched quad.

Sohpia's latest 6SL7 sounds faithful and looks aesthetically pleasing. It's silky, extended tremble, open mid-range, deep soundstage.

Rectifier tubes upgrade:
Sylvania 5Y3WGTA NOS matched pair, U.S. made.

These highy regarded rectifiers offer exceptional depth, full body, warm mid-range, fast attack, and reveal fine details in the music.